Halloween : A Celebration That Everyone Can Enjoy

As the nights draw in and the leaves begin to fall from the trees, strange decorations start to appear in gardens and front porches in the neighborhood: Halloween is in the air!

Halloween has a been a familiar fixture in the almanac for hundreds of years. From its Celtic origins as a festival to mark the passing of summer, it has grown into a unique celebration that combines elements of ancient superstition with the revelry of a modern fancy dress party.

The ancients believed that this passage between the seasons was a magic time during which spirits could wander free. Some believe that this belief gave rise to tradition of Halloween costumes, as people tried to disguise themselves as a protection from mischievous sprites. These folk customs gradually changed as the Christian church established its own holidays to commemorate the Saints and souls of the dead.

Today's Halloween is an assortment of old legends and modern entertainments. We keep alive the ancient traditions of carving pumpkins to light lanterns, playing Halloween games and enjoying festive treats.

As we decorate the Haunted House, put on our costumes and prepare to go trick-or-treating, Halloween is a holiday that everyone can enjoy.